Transitions Out of Early Intervention: A Qualitative Study

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Communication Sciences and Disorders


Jamie Smith

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Communication Sciences and Disorders


The objective of this research project was to examine families' experiences with early intervention (EI) and the transitions out of EI into early childhood education. This study was completed through the use of semi-structured interviews with parents of children in early intervention. The data from these interviews was analyzed via interpretative phenomenological analysis. After analyzing the data, it was clear that parents elaborated on the following themes: what makes an effective provider, the most difficult aspects as a parent, and the most beneficial support systems. Additionally, follow-up interviews revealed children's experiences with early childhood programs after exiting early intervention. Research on this topic has the potential to offer insight to speech-language pathologists, interventionists, and other families who are under similar circumstances. Learning about current experiences provides the opportunity to enhance the transition process and improve outcomes for each family and their child.


Smith-undergraduate, Cox-undergraduate

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