Multilayered Cloud Security Model Using Multifactor Session-Long Biometrics Access Control

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Information Technology


Jihad Qaddour

Mentor Department

Information Technology


Cloud computing has tremendously simplified the software industry by enabling companies to offer software, infrastructure and platforms as services with the advantages of maintenance, availability, provisioning time and scalability. As individuals and firms increasingly rely on cloud-based systems to process sensitive data and intellectual property, the security risks surrounding cloud technology have increased by proportion. This paper investigates the vulnerabilities surrounding single point authentication, replay attacks and predictability. Then proposed a multilayered security model using multifactor biometrics authentication for access control. Additional features in the proposed model are to use diverse biometric templates in a randomized way, use strong algorithms for replay protection, session-long authentication with fine-grained biometrics and template updation in database after every successful authentication. Furthermore, the proposed solution approaches security as an ongoing mechanism and extends authentication service to the entire session, as opposed to traditional approaches that offer authentication only at the beginning of a session.



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