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Health Sciences


Jennifer Peterson

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Health Sciences


Patients are starting to use online physician ratings and comments from online resources to choose their doctor instead of the physician's qualifications. The purpose of the study was to compare the patient reviews of physicians between different physician specialties of three hospital types; one large (Northwestern Memorial Hospital), one medium sized local (Advocate Bromenn Medical Center), and three critical access hospitals (John Warner Hospital, Advocate Eureka, and Kirby Medical Center). The audit team selected hospitals from three different demographics. Due to critical access hospitals' limited staff, only data from the specialty family/internal medicine was collected, and multiple hospitals were used to fill this category. The audit team used the selected hospitals' websites to find ten physicians from six different specialties. The three rating sites that were selected were then used to search for the selected physicians by name. Physicians were identified in the search results by name, location and specialty to ensure the correct physician was identified. Searches yielding ratings for the physicians were recorded in tables created by the audit team. The ratings for each physician were averaged to give each physician one overall rating. These ratings were then averaged to give each hospital's specialty an overall average rating. The average ratings for the specialties were then averaged with the other hospitals for comparison between specialties. The average of all the specialties set the standard benchmark for assessment. This report summarizes the physician ratings for different specialties and highlights their average online rating standing.

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