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Politics and Government


Michaelene Cox

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Politics and Government


Bangladesh joined in the league of democracy in the 1990s, in what Samuel P. Huntington called the "third wave of democracy," but its institutionalization of democracy has been very slow in many aspects. Electoral violence and peaceful transfer of power is one example. Bangladesh has a history of electoral violence after every major national and local government election. Religious minorities are subject to violence after every major election. Specifically, religious minorities are targeted as they are more vulnerable to political aggression than others. It creates a sense of fear among the religious minority which is less addressed but is one of the critical issues to ensuring human security by exercise of one's democratic right to vote. From the United Nations human security perspective we are going to analyze the situation from the political and community security contexts. Our research question in this study is, How can we address security of the religious minority in the context of electoral violence? Here our focus will be to identify measures that can prevent violence and ensure human security for the religious minority in the election process.

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