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Brea Banks

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Microaggressions are a form of racism that Solórzano and Huber (2020) argue are understood and evaluated using the basic tenets of Critical Race Theory. Research suggests that high school students experience race- and sexuality-based microaggressions, although little is known how microaggressive encounters that occur online impact adolescents. Research suggests that college-age individuals are unlikely to intervene in response to microaggressive situations, but there do not exist any studies that highlight high schoolers’ responses to these transgressions. Although, there is evidence adolescents experience online victimization based on their race (Tynes et al., 2008). The researcher recruited adolescents from public high schools to assess adolescents' intervention strategies when witnessing a microaggression towards a peer on social media. Adolescents were exposed to microaggressive social media posts written by a hypothetical peer and were prompted to discuss intervention strategies they might use. These data were analyzed qualitatively.

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