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Creative Technologies


Kristin Carlson

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Creative Technologies


If any of us analyze the extent of the current climate crisis, we would stop wearing clothes made of plastic and would start wearing clothes made of computer data. Not that plastic is the sole proprietor of environmental and humanitarian devastation, but it is also a byproduct that surpasses cultural identity and sets us in the 4th industrial revolution timeline. This creative research speculates the future of fashion by drawing speculative objects created with current and promising design software. These virtual and digital artifacts are intended to provoke new ideas about garment production and imagine preferable futures. Understanding how to design products virtually and visualize them before being produced brings new alternatives to the global business models. The tool I utilize is a 3D design software, called Clo, which was implemented for creating “true-to-life” garment simulations in virtual spaces before physical sampling and production, therefore, diminishing the use of natural and human resources. The sustainable fashion design method is zero waste pattern making, a holistic approach that doesn't generate textile residues. Lastly, the speculative design method utilized was STEEP scanning, focused on digital fashion technologies, sustainable practices, and global financial systems. During the first weeks of the research, I got acquainted with the user interface and tools of Clo while following pertaining tutorials and, after that, I followed a free artistic practice within the software. This practice resulted in speculating the boundaries between the continuation of our species and the embodiment of the physical garment, and how to find balance within these. Thus, a possible zero-waste future to work in favor of fashion design software. Foremost, the limitless artistic expression impersonated within this technology transported me to a future place. A place where humans are responsible and the only waste is computer data.

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