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Teaching and Learning


Anna Smith

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Teaching and Learning


The purpose of this quantitative study is to investigate teachers of the d/Deaf and hard of hearing’s perceptions of professional development (PD), both currently and what the recommendations are for PD moving forward. Effective professional development is crucial in the continuing education of teachers, especially those of servicing the unique d/Deaf and hard of hearing demographic of students. Thus, this study seeks to survey d/Deaf and hard of hearing (DHH) teachers from across the United States to gain understanding of the opinions of the DHH teachers on the topic of PD. The surveys will be coded and triangulated based on common ideas and organized by cross tabular tables. The findings from this study will enlighten administrators, DHH professional organizations, teacher leaders, and any other creators of PD on what DHH teachers views on current PD are and what suggestions they have for PD’s future.

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