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Health Sciences


Alicia Wodika

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Health Sciences


College students can experience mental health challenges during their time as a student and COVID 19 exacerbated many mental health needs that were already present. Even before the pandemic, increases amongst loneliness, depression, and self harm increased in the 2010s amongst adolescents in the United States. Loneliness is defined as, “a feeling a negative emotion we have when the quality or quantity of our relationships don’t meet our expectations....Loneliness is a self evaluation of our social connections, and it looks and feels different for everyone." According to the most recent National College Health Assessment (2021) data for ISU, 53.4% of cis men and 73.9% of cis women agreed to strongly agreed that they felt they belonged at ISU, whereas only 50% of transgender/gender nonconforming students indicated they felt they belonged. Regarding loneliness, cis men and transgender/gender non conforming students were also more likely to exhibit higher levels of loneliness using the UCLA Loneliness Scale (55.8% and 67.6%, respectively).

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