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Dr. John Baldwin

Mentor Department



This study investigated the utilization of Twitter by Bola Ahmed Tinubu during the 2023 Nigerian presidential elections, focusing on how social media strategies influenced voter engagement and political discourse. The impacts of political campaigns in the United States have been extensively studied and U. S. campaigns are recognized as setting global standards for innovative organizational practices and voter mobilization strategies (Kluver et al., 2007).

Studies suggest the use of digital media. Particularly, social media platforms like Twitter, has become an essential tool for presidential candidates in American political campaigns (Jungherr, 2023; Kim et al., 2018; Richardson, 2023). However, a number of scholars (e.g., Miller, 2005; Miller et al., 2013, Shutter, 1990) have suggested that communication researchers have ignored many parts of the world, including Africa. Also, Nigeria, being Africa's most populous country and one of its largest economies, has a complex and dynamic political environment thus, understanding how social media is used in Nigerian political campaigns could offer insights into the strategies employed in a highly competitive and diverse political landscape. Using a qualitative analysis of Tinubu's tweets, I explored thematic areas including global image projection, campaign dynamics, policy advocacy, and high-profile endorsements. I applied Uses and Gratifications Theory, showing the active role of audiences in political communication. The in-depth analysis of Bola Ahmed Tinubu's Twitter engagement during the 2023 Nigerian presidential elections revealed several key strategic themes in his social media usage such as global image and diplomacy, campaign dynamics and strategic territorial engagement, strategic policy advocacy, and high-profile testimonial endorsement. The study offersinsightsinto the evolving landscape of digital political communication in Nigeria, demonstrating the impact of strategic social media use on shaping political narratives and voter behavior.

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