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Dr. Stephen Mujeye

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The integration of Internet of Things (IoT) devices in smart homes has surged in recent years, accompanied by significant security vulnerabilities. This research project proposes a meticulous analysis of these vulnerabilities and the development of mitigation strategies. The attacks that can be executed are often dependent on the method of infiltration. By conducting a systematic literature review, we aim to explore the current landscape of IoT security, identifying prevalent vulnerabilities and emerging trends. We will attempt to discover the most common methods of attacks and what exploits are used. Subsequently, employing surveys and controlled experiments, we will quantitatively assess the prevalence of IoT devices among students and analyze their susceptibility to data attacks. The anticipated outcomes include the documentation of existing security issues, quantification of device prevalence, and evaluation of susceptibility to attacks. Furthermore, through analysis of our findings, we aim to raise awareness about IoT risks and empower users with actionable insights for safeguarding their smart homes. By bridging the gap between research and practice, this research holds implications for enhancing cybersecurity in everyday environments and promoting responsible IoT adoption.

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