Foster Care Stability and Trauma Informed Care

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Social Work


Kathryn Conley Wehrmann

Mentor Department

Social Work


Foster parents work with one of the most vulnerable populations in the field of social work. Trauma-informed care can provide many of the needed tools for effective work with youth in care. These children have been through so much in a short time in their lives. The trauma that they have endured can be life-changing. Making sure that foster care parents have the tools and understanding in order to effectively help and work with these youth is extremely important. Foster parents who have a strong understanding of trauma-informed care and the negative outcomes of placement instability can cause are better equipped to work with these youth and help them achieve placement stability. The purpose of this study is to identify areas of need for further trauma-informed care training of foster care parents at Children's Home Association of Illinois. The needs assessment survey to be conducted as a part of this project will better help the training committee in the foster care department to develop appropriate trauma-informed care training for their parents. Staff from both the foster care program and Intensive Placement Stability (IPS) work directly with foster care parents and youth. They will be able to give an informed perspective regarding foster family training needs.



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