How can Providers Use Web-Based Platforms to Interface with Clients?

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Social Work


Kathryn Conley Wehrmann

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Social Work


Telemedicine (TM) is one web-based platform that can bridge the gap and bring, specifically mental health services, direct to the user via smartphone or home computer. The ability for providers to interact with patients, regardless of the distance, is particularly appealing to those who live in rural America where services and providers may be scarce. Two studies estimate that between 17% and 49% of American's population lives in rural communities (Sahdev, 2016; Shealy, 2014). Rural living can also reflect an underserved population that is comprised of those who live in poverty, have a lower socioeconomic status and are ethnically diverse. Providers can communicate through a secure video portal that gives real-time feedback to patients. In addition to video conferencing, there are multitudes of applications or "apps" for smartphones that allows patients to chart their moods, practice mindfulness, or learn cognitive behavioral therapy techniques to help in changing the way they think. This exploratory study will look at the use of an app, called Daylio, which charts a patient's mood and activities daily. This app will be used as an adjunct therapy for patients to utilize between their weekly mental health therapy appointments. A purposive sampling will consist of 10 individuals with these specific diagnoses of anxiety and/or depression, which are best suited to use of the app. Qualitative questions collect the participants' opinion on the usefulness of the app. After use of the app, each participant will take a 7-item survey that assesses how useful the app was in associating mood with activities/behaviors and if they were able to make positive changes based on that knowledge. The information collected from this research will inform providers on how apps can be utilized to support patients during their therapeutic process.



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