Document Type

Capstone Project

Publication Date

Spring 2017


Discrimination, criminal justice, community, race


For the local chapter of Not In Our Town, we document intolerance, discrimination, segregation, disparities of access, and disparities in the criminal justice system in Bloomington-Normal, IL. Using archival material, secondary data, and primary data, we examine these issues from the mid-1990s to the present. We also assess the position of the organization in the community and provide strategies for future success. In sum, Bloomington-Normal was and is intolerant; discrimination did and does take place in this community; there are disparities of access and in the criminal justice system; we are segregated. The community is also less of these things than it used to be and is less of these things than other places. Fifteen undergraduate students in Sociology 300, twelve graduate students in Sociology 477, a teaching assistant, and an instructor conducted this study in spring 2017.