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Kinesiology and Recreation - Student Presentation

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Spring 2-23-2017


Kinesiology and Recreation


The iliotibial band (ITB) is a muscle-like structure on the outside of the thigh and plays a vital role in movement and can become tight if overused. This tightness can lead to a wide array of injuries in an otherwise healthy individual. Previous research has proved the need to treat a tight ITB, but techniques previously researched have not proven to be effective in reducing ITB tightness. Dry cupping is a method in which suction is generated from a vacuum-sealed cup using a pump in order to alleviate pain, reduce tightness, and promote healing. Recently, cupping has been used as a therapeutic treatment to relieve muscular tightness. Currently, there is no research on the effectiveness of dry cupping in relieving lower extremity tightness, particularly ITB tightness. The objective of this research is to determine if dry cupping is an effective treatment intervention in releasing ITB tightness and increasing hip and knee range of motion in a physically active population.