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Kristin Carlson

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Creative Technologies


This paper illustrates the development of digital tools to educate and promote anthropological and archaeological work in the Darien Region of Panama. The Darien Region has been underexplored for the last century and is home to the Darien Gap, the only break in the Trans-American Highway, which helps to preserve the indigenous people and animals living there. The authors have collaborated to share experiences of navigating the Darien Gap in Panama through storytelling, adventure, and exploration with digital media. This project resides as a website with a variety of video and game works. Our goal is to have as much media available in both English and Spanish as possible, to be accessible to the local communities in Darien and to international communities, which is crucial to support locally-initiated conservation initiatives. Current projects include videos documenting known populations that have migrated through the area, videos documenting a current anthropologist's explorations of the region, a game depicting a historical anthropologist’s findings of an archaeological expedition from the 1920s, and accessible compilations of research on local flora and fauna.


Authors: Kristin Carlson, Lucy Gill, Firozeh Irannezhad, Amal Abdalla, Annie Sungkajun, Ella Jaharus, Sam Bruner

Uncharted Territories: Developing Digital Experiences For Anthropology And Archeological Exploration