Online Food Delivery: The Role Of Drivers' Service Quality In Consumer Satisfaction


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Family and Consumer Sciences


Erol Sozen

Mentor Department

Family and Consumer Sciences


Over the last several years, and particularly during the global hit COVID-19 pandemic, many food enterprises transact businesses with consumers with just a click of a button. There are many studies on online food delivery (OFD) and consumer satisfaction. They report how consumers are driven positively towards using OFD because they perceive that the system saves them time and effort than conventional options. It is also well documented that working conditions influence employee output, consequently, the service quality they provide to customers. In OFD services, the drivers are the last contact to customers. Therefore, their service has a great potential of leaving a good or a wrong lasting impression on the consumer. In light of this truth, how the drivers feel about work is pivotal for a wonderful customer experience. Despite the revelation that consumers are not entirely satisfied with OFD services, there is no study specifically linking consumer dissatisfaction to OFD drivers. The aim of this study is to determine how employee engagement influences OFD drivers' performance and how OFD drivers' performance is related to consumer dissatisfaction with OFD services. Two online surveys created using Qualtrics will be used in this study, one for drivers and the other for consumers. Amazon Mturk will facilitate data collection from consumers, and a market research company will distribute the survey to the drivers. Both surveys will remain open for four weeks. The data will be analyzed using SPSS version 27. The variables will be measured using a fivepoint Likert scale, with available responses ranging from 1) Strongly disagree to 5). The study will add novel literature to the foodservice management research field. The strategies and approaches that will be proposed can be employed by OFD operators in the education, training, and re-training of their drivers and in motivating them to exhibit quality in service delivery.


Authors: Erol Sozen and Dylis-Judith Mensah

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Online Food Delivery: The Role Of Drivers' Service Quality In Consumer Satisfaction