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Information Technology


Qi Zhang

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Information Technology


Visualization is an integral part in the investigation of information hidden in the collected healthcare data. Innovative data visualization can provide users with intuitive feedback for decision making. For purpose of analyzing the COVID-19 data collected from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), effectively designing and visualizing these data are especially critical for interpreting the pandemic transformation patten. In this project, the initial raw data was collected and input to a data processing program developed by R, a statistical programming language, which was used to generate datasets that can be further visualized and analyzed. Next, we developed several web-based new algorithms to dynamically visualize and analyze the output data from R program using D3, a JavaScript library that allows for data visualization. Our algorithms can create unique interactive features that can be employed to generate innovative data display in a webpage. With the dynamic and interactive capabilities, our visualization software platform can be used to study how the COVID-19 spreads among different age groups and genders, which will yield fruitful insight of the data for medical professionals and healthcare industry to take suitable preventive measures.


Notes: James Brokaw and Qi Zhang

A New Visualization Platform For Analyzing Covid-19 Data And Extracting Critical Information