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Jennifer Peterson

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Health Sciences


This audit compares the data on hospital acquired complications for four hospitals in Illinois (listed below). The research team selected five hospital acquired conditions that were reported by the Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade website and compared the data between those hospitals. The categories that were selected are surgical wounds split open, C. Diff infections, dangerous bed sores, infections in the urinary tract, and collapsed lungs. The team then gathered information from the worst hospital scores and the best hospital scores in the United States and averaged them to determine the standard rate for the audited hospitals. It was found that two hospitals fell below the standard rate in at least one category. The team then researched ways to improve the scores for all audited areas to ensure that proper safety and precautions were in place to protect patients.


Authors: Hannah Birchfield, April Post

This project has not received IRB approval.

Hospital Acquired Complications

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