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James Wolf

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Information Technology


In the modern world the technology is rising quite rapidly. In order to operate our industries, government,national defense and other vital functions, society is becoming more dependent on data and networks.Nearly every person with computer knowledge has entered into the use of this fast-growing industry. Cyber crime is a criminal act committed via internet and technology. Most cyber crime is an attack on personal, corporate, or government information. Though the attacks do not occur on a physical body, they do occur on the virtual personal or corporate body, which is the set of information attributes that define people and institutions on the Internet. Today, cyber crime has drawn a great deal of attention around the globe because of the recorded dramatic increase rate of case reported. As a matter of fact, a new form of cyber crime case is being recorded every single day. In reality, cyber crime is the most brutal computer crime in the modern world that has caused a great deal of many people to lose their most confidential information. In other words, our virtual identities are essential elements in the digital age Machine learning & Data Science is one of the defense mechanisms to protect our virtual identities. This not only helps to react to cyber crimes by enhancing the cyber protection systems but also is instrumental in formulating defense strategies proactively by predictive analysis


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Using Machine Learning & Data Science to Fight Cyber Crime

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