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Kinesiology and Recreation


Mike Mulvaney

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Kinesiology & Recreation


Well-designed employee performance appraisals assume great importance by providing park and recreation agencies with information that can guide administrative and developmental decision-making about their most important asset - their human resources. Despite their importance, an agency’s performance appraisal system can often be viewed by employees and management as a frustrating and unfair process. Previous research has suggested that performance appraisals do not happen in isolation, but within a social context. Guided by the existing appraisal research, the purpose of this study is to examine the effects of supervisor trust on employees’ reactions to the performance appraisal system. Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) theory will serve as the framework for the study. More specifically, SHRM and the existing management literature will guide the development and testing of this hypothesis. Public park and recreation professionals within the Illinois Park and Recreation Association’s membership were invited to participate in the study. An online survey was developed to measure the variables of interest including satisfaction with their performance appraisal, satisfaction with the system used during the appraisal, and perceptions of procedural and distributive justice with the appraisal system. Preliminary and substantive statistical analyses was performed to test the study’s hypothesis. A discussion of the findings, their implications for management, and recommendations for future research are also provided.


This project has not received IRB approval.

The Effects of Supervisor Trust on Employees' Reactions to the Performance Appraisal System in Park and Recreation Agencies

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