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Daniel Lannin

Mentor Department



The present study explored the relationship between race, discrimination, and a materialistic values orientation (MVO). MVO corresponds to an orientation wherein an individual prioritizes a cluster of goals centered around consumerism that include achieving financial success, cultivating an attractive appearance, and having a high social status (Kasser, Ryan, Couchman & Sheldon, 2004). One pathway by which MVO develops is as a compensatory response to feelings of insecurity; that is when individuals feel threatened they are more likely to compensate for this distress by pursuing goals related to MVO,as opposed to pursuing goals that meet deeper psychological needs of affiliation, autonomy, and.competence (Kasser, 2016). Given perceived discrimination is inherently threatening for minoritized populations (Seaton, Caldwell, & Sellers, 2010), it stands to reason that greater rates of discrimination may be one means by which minoritized populations are urged toward greater MVO. Therefore, the present study predicted discrimination would mediate the relationships between racial minority status and MVO.


Authors: Alexandra Horton, Tyler Pederson, Daniel Lannin, Luke Russell, Ani Yazedjian, Jeremy Kanter

Does Discrimination Evoke an Orientation Toward Materialistic Values

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