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Eros DeSouza

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Hofstede’s 6-D model of culture is one of the most widespread taxonomies regarding the cultural differences across the countries, but it has also faced many fierce antagonists. Most criticisms of the Hofstede model include identification of nations and cultures, superficial and narrow theoretical backgrounds, and suggestions of rival hypotheses. Especially, there is some evidence that suggests that the allegedly cultural differences may actually stem from political backgrounds or people’s traits related to their political circumstances; Therefore, I expect that most of Hofstede’s dimensions are associated with political traits of people and most national differences in Hofstede’s dimensions will disappear if the influence of political traits are controlled. The political differences across nations may rather indicate the global commonality, not the differences dichotomously divided without consideration of the dynamic natures of culture.


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Cultural Differences or Political Differences? Flipping Over the Hofstede's 6-D Model of Culture in Terms of Conservatism and Political Views

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