Interview with Rachel Adams, Class of 2020


Rachel Adams



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Oral history interview with Illinois State University alum Rachel Adams, Class of 2020. The interview was conducted on August 4, 2022 by Ryan Cox, at the time an undergraduate student at Illinois State University. Adams describes initially being attracted to ISU's welcoming environment and its blend of large university resources with a smaller campus feel. She discusses her transition from a social work major to English and history and highlights the supportive faculty members who played important roles in shaping her academic journey, particularly Drs. Susan Kim and Katie Jasper.

Adams also delves into her involvement in the campus community, including her work at Milner Library's Administration Office and her participation in the ISU History Club, where she met her fiancé. Reflecting on the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic during her final semester, Adams expresses gratitude for the understanding and support she received from professors. She also shares insights into her experience as a queer individual on campus, noting the generally inclusive climate while acknowledging occasional encounters with insensitivity.

Post-graduation, Adams joined ISU Career Services, where she found fulfillment in supporting current students and engaging with the campus community. Despite the challenges of transitioning to the working world, Adams remains deeply connected to ISU, actively participating in alumni activities and continuing to appreciate the supportive community that shaped her undergraduate experience.

Interview Date



  • Introduction; decision to attend ISU: 00:00-02:35
  • Changing her major: 02:35-04:28
  • Influential faculty: 04:28-06:13
  • Student job at Milner Library; History Club participation: 06:13-08:58
  • COVID pandemic: 08:58-12:17
  • Experiencing ISU as a queer woman: 12:17-14:54
  • Meeting her fiancé: 14:54-16:17
  • Bloomington-Normal: 16:17-17:45
  • Path post-graduation; staying in touch with ISU as an alum: 17:45-23:11
  • Reflection on ISU experience; conclusion: 23:11-26:00

Interview with Rachel Adams, Class of 2020