Interview with Lin Hinds, Class of 1972


Lin Hinds



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Oral history interview with Illinois State University alum Linda "Lin" Hinds, Class of 1972. The interview was conducted on July 21, 2022 by Ryan Cox, at the time an undergraduate student at ISU.

Hinds attended ISU from fall 1968 to spring 1972 and majored in elementary education. She initially wanted to specialize in special education but switched due to a lack of opportunities in that field. Hinds describes the challenges she faced finding employment upon graduation, as the teaching job market was oversaturated at that time. She ended up pursuing a career in business instead of teaching, despite having completed some graduate work in special education.

Hinds discusses the strict rules and regulations at ISU during her time, such as curfews, gender-segregated dorms and restrictions on alcohol consumption. She also reflects on the lack of diversity on campus, as there were very few students of color. Despite this, she found camaraderie among her fellow students, especially in the dormitories, where she was involved in the Student Judicial Council.

The interview touches on significant events during Hinds's time at ISU, such as the Kent State shootings and the Vietnam War, which influenced campus activism. She also discusses the cultural shifts she experienced, including the freedom to wear pants to class, which was prohibited in her high school. She attributes her limited engagement with the local community to a lack of integration between students and establishments like churches and malls. She discusses ISU’s roots as a teachers’ college and the gradual shift towards valuing athletics and broader visibility, mentioning changes in university leadership and campus infrastructure.

Hinds also shares her personal journey, including her move back to Bloomington-Normal to be with her partner Judith “Judy” Ann Judy (1939-2013), whom she initially met at ISU in 1968. She describes some of the challenges they faced as a same-sex couple, including fearing her neighbors would learn of her relationship and not being able to legally marry until 2011. She details her career at ISU, transitioning from working at Student Counseling Services to a position in the College of Fine Arts, and discusses her decision to retire early to spend more time with Judy during her final illness. Hinds also reflects on her involvement in the PRIDE student organization and faculty/staff Triangle Association ISU, as well as her contentment in retirement.

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  • Introduction: 00:00-00:21
  • Coming to ISU: 00:21-01:12
  • Majoring in elementary education: 01:12-01:25
  • Path after graduation: 01:45-05:45
  • Student teaching: 05:45-07:50
  • Hometown: 07:50-08:17
  • Rules for dormitory living; Student Judicial Council: 08:17-12:55
  • Working as Judy’s secretary; coming out journey: 08:17-15:33
  • Lack of diversity on campus: 15:33-16:39
  • Dormitory life: 16:39-19:16
  • Campus buildings: 19:16-22:06
  • Vietnam War and Kent State shooting: 22:06-23:59
  • Anti-Vietnam War protests: 23:59-25:34
  • Freedom of being able to choose clothing and grooming: 25:34-27:01
  • Christmas breaks; financing for college education: 27:01-28:56
  • Bloomington-Normal community; lack of welcome at church; Eastland Mall: 28:56-31:41
  • Changing focus of ISU; moving away from being a teacher’s college: 32:06-34:59
  • Relationship with Judy: 34:59-38:32
  • Moving back to Bloomington 20 years after graduation: 38:32-42:32
  • Serving as advisor to PRIDE student group: 42:32-44:09
  • Death of Matthew Shepard; attitudes towards LGBT people in the 1990s: 44:09-46:35
  • Same sex marriage and civil unions: 46:35-47:38
  • ISU Triangle Association; retirement: 47:38-54:13
  • University students today; conclusion: 54:13-57:20

Interview with Lin Hinds, Class of 1972