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Master of Science (MS)


Department of Technology

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Anu Gokhale


Electronic commerce (e-commerce) has become a major retail channel for businesses in developed countries. However, it is still considered an innovation in developing countries. Specifically, e-commerce in Uzbekistan is in the early stages of emergence despite its advance in recent years in terms of Internet penetration, a strong retail sector, new national regulations, and a young population. The study aimed to identify barriers and drivers influencing e-commerce growth in Uzbekistan. A Delphi research design was utilized to answer the research questions of the study, which categorized and ranked factors that Uzbekistani entrepreneurs are facing when engaging in e-commerce processes. A focus group was established that consisted of entrepreneurs with direct experience of more than three years in Uzbekistani e-commerce market. Findings were analyzed to produce a list of barriers and drivers that were categorized and ranked by their importance.


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