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Master of Science (MS)


Department of Mathematics

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Olcay Akman


Global warming is radically changing aspects of the Earth. As scientists continue to research the effects, the ramifications of melting permafrost is coming to light. We build off of a previously existing Anthrax model in the hopes to include climate change as a factor in Anthrax spread. Chapter II develops a simplified version of an Anthrax model. Parameters for the model are found by using previous research and eigenvalues are analyzed in order to find thresholds and equilibria. Chapter III consider the general solutions of the model through eigenvalues and eigenvectors. This model is then extended to include a parameter that signifies the melting of permafrost to reveal frozen carcasses in Chapter IV. As this parameter increases, the resulting number of anthrax cases which lead to death increases. The final chapter extends the thawing period of permafrost by starting the melting point in the year at an earlier date. Data has shown that in previous decades, the active layer of permafrost began to melt around June 1st. As global temperatures increase, the permafrost is beginning to melt earlier. Our figures display the change this has on Anthrax spread. The goal is to understand how severe the effects of climate change could be on the reemergence of Anthrax.


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