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Master of Science (MS)


Department of Criminal Justice Sciences

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Dawn Beichner


Intimate partner violence continues to be on the raise among women of color in the country. Many scholars have attributed this to the multiple factors such as race, class and sexual orientation that intersect to influence women of color’s experiences with intimate partner violence. Yet, there seems to be a gap in the services that are rendered to women of color who are survivors. To better understand how representative victim services are of women of color, a content analysis of victim service organizations’ websites nationwide was conducted to ascertain the extent to which the organizations are inclusive of survivors/victims of color. The exploration includes both images and photographs on websites, as well as programmatic content. Findings revealed that the websites for a majority of victim service organizations were not representative of survivors/victims of color. Recommendations are highlighted. KEYWORDS: content analysis; victim service organizations; women of color; intersectionality theory; websites


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