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Master of Science (MS)


Department of English

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Lisya LS Seloni


In this thesis, I discuss my academic literacy socialization practices, particularly my linguistic and social adjustments in US graduate school. This autoethnographic study utilizes stories and evidentiality (corpus from my graduate school papers) as self-reflective epistemologies to understand my literate practices in a US academic discourse community. Contributing to the scholarship on the academic socialization of transnational graduate students in the US, I discuss and analyze my stories and experiences around academic writing practices in navigating graduate school's academic requirements and expectations in the context of higher education in the United States. By focusing on my lived experiences as a Ghanaian student pursuing an MS degree in English in the US, I emphasize teaching both L1 and L2 writers and instructors the value of multicultural literacies and reflexive studies. Additionally, I emphasize that international students should be bold and unapologetic in centering their voices, counter-stories, and identities in their educational environment without falling into any racial and scholarly hegemonies.


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