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Master of Science (MS)


Department of Psychology

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Matthew Hesson-McInnis


This paper explores the relations between mathematical abilities and preferences, preferences for consistency, and the Allais paradox. To answer this question, 144 participants completed a survey which measured objective numeracy, subjective numeracy, preference for consistency, and consistency of probabilistic choices. The results did not show the predicted relations where consistency would moderate the relations where subjective numeracy mediates the relations between objective numeracy and the consistency of probabilistic choices. The previously indicated relations where subjective numeracy simply mediated the relations between objective numeracy and probabilistic reasoning were also not replicated.While the hypotheses were not supported overall one interesting finding was that consistency of probabilistic choices was affected by consistency. Additionally, the relations between subjective and objective numeracy while weaker were still present as has been previously found. While the sample size was slightly smaller than the original power analysis suggested, and the participants spent less time on average than would have been expected the results seem to suggest that there may not be a systematic relationship between numeracy and consistency.


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