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Thesis and Dissertation

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Master of Arts (MA)


Department of Sociology and Anthropology: Archaeology

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Elizabeth M. Scott


This study examines published and unpublished historical archaeological research, historical documents research, and datable extant buildings to develop a temporal and geographical sequence of French colonial architectural designs and construction methods, particularly the poteaux-en-terre (posts-in-ground) and poteaux-sur-solle (posts-on-sill) elements in vernacular buildings, from the Western Great Lakes region to Louisiana, dating from 1690 to 1850. Such a sequence is needed to provide a basis for scholarship, discovery, and hypotheses about prospective French colonial archaeological sites. The integration of architectural material culture data and the historical record could also further scholarship on subjects such as how the French in colonial North America used vernacular architecture to create and maintain cultural identity, and how this architecture carried with it indicators of wealth, status, and cultural interaction.


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