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Master of Science (MS)


Department of Geography-Geology: Hydrogeology

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David H. Malone


The purpose of this thesis is to better understand the Dudley Pool oil reservoir, a small, mature oil field, using geologic and geophysical data. The research focused on three-dimensional subsurface modeling of stratigraphy, structure, and porosity, to establish a more thorough understanding of oil occurrence at the Dudley Pool. An emphasis was placed on calculations of potential recoverable oil in order to determine implications on future production possibilities. This thesis also discusses the efficacy of three-dimensional modeling as an effective tool for evaluating, and potentially modifying, production efforts in mature petroleum fields with limited and/or poor-quality data. The modeling and calculations were completed using Schlumbergerâ??s Petrel. Well information from all wells drilled within a one mile collar of the field was collected. The model generated contour maps, thickness maps, a facies model, cross sections, a porosity model, and updated volume calculations for the reservoir. The project established that the Dudley Pool is part of a major channel system heading toward the interior of the Ilinois Basin, and thus may present additional resources for exploitation beyond the current production limit of the field. Results from the volume calculations indicate that there is still substantial recoverable oil at the Dudley Pool.


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