Tight Void

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Thesis and Dissertation

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Master of Arts (MA)


Department of English: English Studies

First Advisor

Kass Fleisher


This thesis is a memoir that draws on the life experience of two promiscuous women, Brooke and Karen. Both characters come from upper-middle class backgrounds, have extremely similar family lives, and take two very different paths in both their education and sexual behavior. While the women both retain their strong friendship throughout the narrative, eventually, Karen, and her decision to become a prostitute, takes its toll. Though they remain supportive of one another, Karen's lifestyle of sex, drugs, and partying begin to create a disconnect between them. This thesis sheds light on the true nature of female promiscuity: its relation to feminism, race, prostitution, education, sexism, friendship, and human experience, and the ways in which female promiscuity is perceived both by society and the two main characters in the narrative.


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