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Contemporary Issues in Communication Science and Disorders

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phonological intervention, joint storybook reading, supplemental treatment


Purpose: The purpose of this study was to determine the impact of adding supplemental, joint storybook reading to existing cycles-based phonological remediation on the speech intelligibility of a group of preschool children with phonological disorders. Method: Sixteen preschool children, ages 3;8 (years; months) to 5;0, with moderate to severe phonological dis-orders served as the participant group for this study. The treatment group received treatment in the form of supple-mental joint storybook reading using books with a high frequency of strident sounds within the text of the story. Independent–samples t tests were used to study quantitative differences in the control and treatment groups following treatment. Results: Results indicated a significant difference in the presence of stridency observed in participants, with the treatment group showing greater positive change in the presence of stridency in their speech at completion of the study. Conclusion: Results from the study suggest that exposure to focused auditory input in the form of supplementary joint storybook reading, combined with traditional cycles-based phonological remediation, is an effective manner for improving speech intelligibility in children with moderate to severe expressive phonological disorders.


First published in Contemporary Issues in Communication Science and Disorders 37 (2010).

CICSD ceased publication in 2016. The 32-year archive is freely accessible.