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Journal of Petroleum Exploration and Production Technology


Petrophysical modeling, Illinois basin, Pennsylvanian, Dudley pool


The purpose of this research is to better understand the Dudley Pool, a small, mature oil field in the Illinois Basin, USA by incorporating old geologic and geophysical data into modern petrophysical modeling software. The research focused on three-dimensional subsurface modeling of stratigraphy, structure, and porosity, to establish a more thorough understanding of oil occurrence at the Dudley Pool. This research also discusses the efficacy of three-dimensional modeling as an effective tool for evaluating, and potentially modifying, production efforts in mature petroleum fields with limited and/or poor-quality data. The modeling and calculations were completed using Petrel. Well information from all wells drilled within a one mile collar of the field was collected. The model generated contour maps, thickness maps, a facies model, cross sections, core logging and a porosity model. The project established that the Dudley Pool is part of a major channel system heading southeast toward the interior of the Illinois Basin and, thus, may present additional resources for exploitation beyond the current production limit of the field. Isopach and structure contour trends indicate that areas to the northeast are targets for future exploration and development of the Dudley Pool.

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We want to thank Schlumberger for gifting Petrel to the Geography–Geology Department at Illinois State University, the department for support through a teaching assistantship and the Department of Geography–Geology for Powell Fund for software training in Houston.



This article was originally published in the Journal of Petroleum Exploration and Production Technology, volume 7, 433-449 (2017);

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