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Informatics in Medicine Unlocked

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medical information, graphics rendering, visual synchronization, collaborative diagnosis, bidirectional internet connection, message streaming


The rapid technology advances in medical devices make possible the generation of vast amounts of data, which contain massive quantities of diagnostic information. Interactively accessing and sharing the acquired data on the Internet is critically important in telemedicine. However, due to the lack of efficient algorithms and high computational cost, collaborative medical data exploration on the Internet is still a challenging task in clinical settings. Therefore, we develop a web-based medical image rendering and visual synchronization software platform, in which novel algorithms are created for parallel data computing and image feature enhancement, where Node.js and Socket.IO libraries are utilized to establish bidirectional connections between server and clients in real time. In addition, we design a new methodology to stream medical information among all connected users, whose identities and input messages can be automatically stored in database and extracted in web browsers. The presented software framework will provide multiple medical practitioners with immediate visual feedback and interactive information in applications such as collaborative therapy planning, distributed treatment, and remote clinical health care.

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The author would like to thank the Faculty Startup Grant of the School of Information Technology at Illinois State University. The author also thanks the support of the College of Arts and Sciences (CAST) Publication Incentive Program Award and the CAST University Research Grant (URG). As an adjunct faculty, the author would appreciate the support of the Department of Medical Biophysics at the Western University for providing digital library access and research collaborations. Finally, the author would like to extend his appreciation to the reviewer's suggestions and comments as well as Dr. Ciaccio's recommendation and proofreading this paper.


First published in Informatics in Medicine Unlocked 17 (2019), 100253.

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