Boehme: An Intellectual Biography of the Seventeenth-Century Philosopher and Mystic

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This is a biography of one of the most original and one of the least understood seminal writers of the Baroque world, Jacob Boehme.

In a period tormented by mysteries and controversies, Boehme's visionary mysticism responded to the vexing quandaries confronting his contemporaries. His concerns included the apocalyptic religious disputes of his day, the havoc wrought by the Thirty Years' War in his region, the disintegration of the Old Middle European order, the rise of new cosmic models from avant-garde heliocentrism to obscure esoteric theories, and his endeavor to express by means of codes and symbols a new sense of the human, divine, and natural realms.


This book was originally published as Boehme: An Intellectual Biography of the 17th-century Philosopher and Mystic. Albany: SUNY, 1991 (268 pp.). “Upper Lusatia,” pp. 13-34.