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The ever-increasing cost of textbooks is making it more challenging for college students to afford necessary class resources. While all students pursuing a college degree are affected by textbook costs, the impact is greatest on students from low-income families. Milner Library staff, who work to provide affordable academic resources and support learning on campus through many collaborations, are in a unique position to assist in addressing this problem.

Representatives from Milner Library will discuss the ways in which textbook affordability became a problem and how it impacts different groups on ISU’s campus; steps the library is taking to increase access to course materials, in order to relieve some of the inequality in textbook affordability; and discuss potential solutions and collaborative opportunities to challenge the barriers between students and course materials. The speakers will allow ample time for discussion of this important topic throughout the presentation in order to promote feedback and conversation about this topic from ISU students, faculty, and staff.


This presentation was given at the 2019 Culturally Responsive Campus Community Conference at Illinois State University.