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Let’s face it, sometimes librarians repeat the same content over and over. Or we have to present information that students find uninteresting and difficult to understand. To make repetitive, challenging library information engaging and entertaining, two librarians collaborated with their campus television production team to create videos to flip library instruction for education and nursing majors. After sharing basic information with a team of creative production interns and their faculty advisor, both librarians were thrilled with the inventive, instructive videos produced. One video featured a game show of data and statistics for a public health nursing course. The second used “Info-Sauce” to help future teachers locate resources in the academic library’s K-12 resource center. Attendees will see clips of the videos and hear how the librarians used them to make the most of their library instruction. The presenters will also discuss the benefits and challenges of using video as a flipped learning technique.


This presentation was given at the Academic Library Association of Ohio 2019 Conference in Columbus, Ohio.