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Library Technical Services: Adapting to a Changing Environment

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With a new library location and newly created librarian position, the Health Sciences Library (HSL) of the University Libraries at the University of Memphis needed a comprehensive inventory. Having previously completed a small-scale inventory, technical services librarians led the project to assess the HSL collection before the newly hired librarian arrived. Beyond ensuring that all materials were in the collection and reflected properly in the integrated library system (ILS), an up-to- date inventory asserts the value of the physical collections to a variety of campus stakeholders. This chapter offers ideas for working collaboratively with personnel across library departments to conduct and complete a major technical services project.


This chapter was originally published in Library Technical Services: Adapting to a Changing Environment, ed. Stacey Marien, 149-162. Charleston Insights in Library, Archival, and Information Sciences. West Lafayette, IN: Purdue University Press, 2020.



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