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Cataloging & Classification Quarterly

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cataloging ethics, Cataloguing Code of Ethics, ethical metadata, bias in cataloging, diversity, equity, inclusion, linked data


This study uses the recently released Cataloguing Code of Ethics to evaluate a project which explored how to ethically, efficiently, and accurately add demographic terms for African American authors to catalog records. By reviewing the project through the lens of these principles the authors were able to examine how their practice was ethical in some ways but could have been improved in others. This helped them identify areas of potential improvement in their current and future research and practice and explore ethical difficulties in cataloging resources with records that are used globally, especially in a linked data environment.


Winner, Third Place, 2023 People's Choice Awards in Scholarly Publishing, Illinois Association of College & Research Libraries

This is an Accepted Manuscript of an article published by Taylor & Francis in Cataloging & Classification Quarterly on December 10, 2021, available online:



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