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Several studies have noted that students who engage with library collections also demonstrate high indicators of success, but these studies do not frequently highlight student voices in their assessment. Can librarians impact student success through strategic collection development, and if so, how can they measure it? This presentation outlines a project that leveraged quantitative and qualitative methods to study the effect of library-provided course texts on students and their success. In spring 2021, librarians across multiple library units piloted a program to license assigned e-books. The primary goal was to reduce textbook costs and support student success, however, the project team built in additional assessments to better understand the full impact. Student and faculty participants were separately invited to share their feedback through both surveys and focus groups, which featured questions about their perceived benefits, challenges, and preferences for using the library-provided e-books in place of a traditional textbook. Usage statistics provided insight into how students used the e-books compared to other library-licensed e-books purchased in the same period. Both the qualitative and quantitative data provide evidence to support the expansion of this project moving forward. This poster shares results from our assessments and provides ideas for participants trying to draw a connection between their library collections and student success.


This poster was presented virtually at the 2021 Charleston Library Conference, November 1, 2021.



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