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Although scholars have investigated the intersection of Open Access (OA) and the humanities, the specific obstacles and incentives music researchers encounter in their adoption of OA have not been analyzed. With this project, we have sought to identify and document how music scholars in a variety of disciplines (musicology/ethnomusicology, music theory, music education, and music therapy) perceive the benefits and disadvantages of OA publishing, both in terms of their own research and the resources that they use in their teaching. Issues of textbook affordability and digital access to learning materials have only escalated in the past decade. The need to document music faculty preferences for sharing music sources in diverse formats—whether for professional publication or among their students—is timely. In this presentation we report our findings of a survey and interviews with music scholars at various stages in their careers to establish first-hand how OA aligns, or does not, with disciplinary conceptions of scholarly communication. This presentation will help inform music librarians’ approaches to engaging with arts and humanities faculty about open access publishing and use of open sources in their teaching.

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This presentation was supported by a FY2022 University Research Grant from Illinois State University.


This presentation was given at the 91st Annual Meeting of the Music Library Association, online, March 5, 2022.



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