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Transformacion: Art Libraries Society of North America 51st Annual Conference

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exhibition, exhibit design, creative pedagogy, course redesign, partnership, collaboration


This presentation discusses the intersection of collaborative collection development and pedagogical practice, specifically detailing how the creation of a new collection of Renaissance-era art prints in a university special collections department has transformed and blossomed into a multifaceted research opportunity for students. This print teaching collection became a central resource for the creation of an advanced print history course that engaged students in deep art historical research and professional development as they created and launched an original exhibition and accompanying digital publication including works from the print teaching collection. Throughout this process, students gained an understanding of both individual and team contributions to such projects, as well as hands-on experience with handling art, writing for different audiences, publishing, and exhibit design, along with exposure to designers, curators, librarians and other art-world professionals.

The librarians (presenters) collaborated closely with the art history professor to guide students along the way, particularly in the areas of enhancing one's research skills and archival intelligence, using digital publishing platforms, and planning for eventual installation of the exhibit within the university library.

This presentation will walk participants through the entire process and evolution of this collection and project, including grant-writing, print selection, collection development policy, and collaboration with teaching faculty and other library colleagues, with an emphasis on the librarians’ role in providing an authentic learning experience leading to the creation of a real-world exhibition and publication by students.


This presentation was delivered as part of the panel Transformative Pedagogy in Academic Librarianship at the Art Libraries Society of North America 51st Annual Conference in Mexico City, Mexico, April 18-21, 2023.



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