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Fall 10-10-2023


data services


As librarians at a comprehensive university, we sought to understand the data service offerings among R1 and R2 university libraries to guide initial data services development at our institution. To do so, we undertook an environmental scan to discover the services, information, and resources promoted on R1 and R2 library’s websites, and aggregated our findings into a database for use by other librarians and data services professionals.

During the session, we’ll share our methodology and findings and make the data available to attendees. We’ll highlight how attendees can use this information as a tool for further development of data services at their own institutions, including how it may be used as a comparison point for lobbying for additional services or a professional development tool that can aid in identifying areas for professional growth.

Funding Source

University Research Grant


This presentation was made at the 2023 Midwest Data Librarians Symposium held at the University of Cincinnati, October 9-11, 2023,





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