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Project utilizing QR codes to better connect paralegal students to legal information was piloted in the Fall 2011 semester. Approximately 30 students enroll in the Legal Research methods course each fall semester. The course requires paralegal students to utilize print resources to answer legal homework questions. As the law librarian, I wanted to better integrate information about the print resources on the bookshelves with the course textbook and the extensive course LibGuide. This also provides point-of-need assistance when the law librarian is not available. QR codes allowed students to scan a bar code, on the bookshelf near the title or at the end of the book ranges, to find relevant information about the source in their textbook. The poster session will describe how information on the sources was developed; how the QR codes were created; how use was assessed; and provide an overall review of the project.


Poster presentation at the Illinois Association of College & Research Libraries 2012 Conference