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Fall 2019


This paper reviews the need for social media platforms as a tool for healthcare facilities to provide resources, market their business, and interact directly with clients. Steps to creating a social media platform will be discussed, in addition to how healthcare facilities should frequently review competing healthcare providers’ social media pages to stay competitive with the target population. Special considerations for the audiology and speech-language pathology programs at Illinois State University will be explored, and ethical considerations for engaging in healthcare on a social media platform will also be analyzed in this paper. The Eckelmann-Taylor Speech and Hearing Clinic at Illinois State University (ETSHC) will benefit from the information and implementation of social media usage provided within this paper because it will allow the clinic to create a professional social media platform. This social media platform will improve patient outreach within the community to increase and diversify the clientele attending that clinic, and allow for the opportunity of interprofessional collaboration between the ETSHC and other speech-language pathology and audiology providers. Undergraduate students and graduate students in the programs of speech-language pathology and audiology will benefit from the ETSHC executing a social media platform to expand the opportunities and experiences provided throughout their education.