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attention, memory, word finding, executive function, TBI, aphasia, dementia


This paper is a review of attention, memory, word finding, and executive function to support individuals with deficits in these areas seen in a rehabilitative speech-language therapy setting. Each chapter contains a definition of the domain and describes the subdomains included. The chapters also include the neurology associated with the domain and common disorders that include deficits in the areas of attention, memory, word finding, and executive functioning. At the end of each chapter, recommended treatment principles are provided to guide therapy with each domain. This paper was created to accompany a therapy manual titled “Providing Connections Through Group Therapy” in order to treat a variety of patients with deficits in attention, memory, word finding, and executive function. The research in this paper assisted in forming accommodations and lesson plans directed toward the adaption of an inclusive therapy program. The research and therapy manual can guide speech-language pathology graduate students and certified clinicians to implement a group therapy program encompassing a variety of different patients.