Graduate Student


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Creation Date

Spring 2024


This in-progress work is part of a multimedia, interactive space emphasizing natural curiosity, exploration, and playfulness. The exhibition offers a safe space for adults to reconnect to their inner child and embrace parts of their identity that society has deemed immature. This is achieved through 5 different interactive and/or sensory pieces. Each piece is tied to an aspect of childhood development and nods to a personal experience. The in-progress work shown here symbolizes imagination development. The finished piece will be a sensory “excavation” zone based on the memory of searching for dinosaur bones in the yard as a kid. The main area is built up of long latch hooking, plaster, and leaves. Colorful nano tape bubbles filled with growable dinosaurs, glitter, colored gel, etc. will be added. The finished piece will also include a looping timelapse of a growable dinosaur hatching.