Graduate Student


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Creation Date

Spring 2024


My work examines the societal and cultural effects of colonization across various cultures and centers lesser-known representations and narratives of melanated people across numerous diasporas. I carefully consider and take inspiration from aesthetics and imagery of comic illustration, Afro-surrealism, Afrofuturism, street art, collage, protest art, and punk rock art. I share the same material language as these movements: alcohol and acrylic markers, inks, colored pencils, charcoals, as well as digital software.

My current focus are collages and illustrations exploring connections between Black identities and melanated, diasporic hairstyles. This series nods to the history of protest signs and uses cardboard to mirror the disposability of black lives and culture. Hair of melanated peoples has been misrepresented across various media, stereotyped, and socially ingrained as inferior by oppressors. One example is the commercialization of black experiences through genres like Hip Hop and Rap resulting in skewed perspectives towards blackness in mainstream culture.