Journal of STEM Teacher Education


The 21st Century Leadership Academy grew out of an effort by the Council of Technology Teacher Education’s (CTTE) Leadership Development Committee to prepare future leaders for the field of Technology & Engineering Education (TEE). Efforts by Drs. Roger Hill (University of Georgia) and Bill Havice (Clemson University) led to the creation, and subsequent implementation, of this leadership academy with support from CTTE (later renamed the Council on Technology & Engineering Teacher Education [CTETE]) and the International Technology & Engineering Education Association (ITEEA). Initially, participation in the leadership academy was focused on early-career university faculty but recruitment was later expanded to include individuals with related professional experience (e.g., graduate students, tenured faculty members, etc.) and, as of January 2021, more than 80 individuals have participated in the academy. This study reports an investigation into the experiences and perceptions of the academy alums with an additional focus on their professional involvement, how participation may have influenced these activities, and suggestions they had for future cohorts. In addition, our investigation provides suggestions for future similar leadership training efforts that could be applied in a variety of fields. Our efforts, as researchers, aim to present the shared experience as navigated by the cohort participants. Although individual takeaways vary, overall themes such as networking and collaboration underscore the experience of participants in each cohort year. While participants consider themselves active in the field of Technology & Engineering Education, few of them are serving in leadership roles within CTETE or ITEEA.